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You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008)  link to You Don't Mess with the Zohan on IMDb  link to trailer on IMDb

Number: 366

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IMDb Rating:
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5.5/10 (158627 votes)

Country: USA, 1h 53min

Spoken Languages: English, Hebrew

Genre(s): Action, Comedy

Director(s): Dennis Dugan

Cast: Adam Sandler (as Zohan), John Turturro (as Phantom), Emmanuelle Chriqui (as Dalia), Nick Swardson (as Michael), Lainie Kazan (as Gail)

Medium: Unknown,

Storyline: Zohan Dvir works as a Special Agent and lives with his orthodox parents in Israel. He wants to give up this life full of dangerous encounters with Palestinians. While in the process of apprehending a Palestinian activist known simply as the Phantom, he fakes his death, hides in a dog-kennel on a plane bound for New York, and decides to try his hand as a hair-stylist. He is refused employment initially, but when he offers to work for free, Dahlia hires him as a cleaner. When a hair-stylist named Debbie quits, Zohan replaces her, winning over elderly female clientèle, and falling in love with Dahlia herself. Before Zohan could propose to her, Dahlia's landlord, Walbridge, who has been raising rents regularly, hires skinhead goons to terrorize the neighborhood, creates misunderstandings between Jews, Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians, and drives them out, so as to enable him to construct a new building which is topped by a roller coaster. When Zohan decides to confront these skinheads, he...

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 1.85:1