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Number: 297

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IMDb Rating:
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6.7/10 (275368 votes)

Country: USA, 1h 46min

Spoken Languages: English, Portuguese

Genre(s): Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

Director(s): M. Night Shyamalan

Cast: Mel Gibson (as Rev. Graham Hess), Joaquin Phoenix (as Merrill Hess), Rory Culkin (as Morgan Hess), Abigail Breslin (as Bo Hess), Cherry Jones (as Officer Paski)

Medium: Original DVD,

Storyline: Preacher Graham Hess, played by Mel Gibson, has lost his faith in God after his wife dies in a brutal car accident. He along with his son and daughter and his brother Merrill lives in a farmhouse. Crop circles begin to appear in their corn fields which Graham dismisses as mischief by miscreants. After hearing strange noises and watching news coverage on crop circles appearing all over the world, the family grows suspicious of alien activities. Now they must stick together and believe, as a family to survive the ordeal and find a way to escape.

Loaned: No

Aspect ratio: 1.85:1